Respironics Florida - Evergo does not live up to specifications don't trust

Coos Bay, Oregon 1 comment

I purchased a RESPONICS EVER-GO portable air concentrator. I have very severe COPD. It advertised it's capacity as up to 5 LPM. I require this upon exertion, talking, walking, etc.

The warranty stated that I had 10 days to return it if it did not suit my needs.

An alarm went off all the time stating it was not able to put out the amount of oxygen I required. They said to give it a couple of days to self adjust . HA. All they were doing was running the clock. BBB stated customer remorse.

I had to pay 600 restock fee.



RESPIRONICS does not sell directly to consumers.The dealer that sold the EverGo is responsible to determine if the equipment is appropriate to meet the patients therapy needs and a physician has to prescribe it.

It is not capable of providing LPM or a continuous flow of oxygen.

It will provide a pulse dose of O2 up to a setting of 6 on every breath.Oxygen saturation in the patient's blood must be measured initially when using EverGo to determine which pulse dose setting is therapeutic or if the patient needs continuous flow.

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